True Silent Installation of the Firewall Client

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I think I have this figured out. It is as simple as forcing a reboot after the installation. I have been able to install the ISA 2004 client (SP1 or SP2 version), using a GPO, with a forced reboot, and there is no more configuration box popping up after logging on. It is consistent, so far, with the testing that I have done. I have not yet done a widespread deployment, but I will be now that I have this worked out.

To force a reboot, you will need to edit the MS_FWC.MSI file with an editor such as Orca or WinINSTALL, or anything that understands the MSI format. In the InstallExecuteSequence table, look for the row that is for ScheduleReboot. Its sequence number is 1010. The condition is set to ISSCHEDULEREBOOT. Remove the condition. That’s all there is to it. It’s a bit easier in WinINSTALL, since the option to require a reboot is in the interface, but then WI will add quite a few other things to the MSI database that I prefer not to have if it is not necessary.

I hope this helps a few of you. Good luck. –SJ Miller



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