Tufin Brings Security Policy Orchestration to AWS

Making it even easier to deploy, the tool will soon run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There is a certain irony to using security in the cloud. “While some organizations may actually be using security concerns as an excuse to avoid cloud hype, security along with its related privacy implications continue to be the most commonly cited reasons for not making greater use of public clouds,” said Gartner analyst Jay Heiser in the July 2014 Hype Cycle for Cloud Security.  “All IT decision makers need to be aware of the degree to which cloud-using organizations must be responsible for their own security destiny.”

Tufin not only supports AWS, but also supports VMware NSX, which is a network virtualization solution that can also be termed a form of software defined networking (SDN).

“Tufin’s support of AWS underscores its commitment to empower customers to innovate IT operations, and adopt whichever manner of cloud services they deem most appropriate for their organization.  Support for AWS will enable Tufin customers to leverage public cloud for mission-critical IT functions while ensuring enterprise security policies are extended and enforced across the entire environment,” the company said.

Tufin itself can manage an array of architectures such physical machines, virtual machines and public, private or hybrid clouds.

One customer is already reaping the rewards from the VMware support. “The ability to maintain consistent security policies across our physical and virtual networks is a critical requirement and benefit for us, as we evaluate emerging models such as the Software Defined Data Center,” said Sanjay Bhandari, Senior Security Architect at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. “We are excited to see this collaboration between Tufin and VMware, to help address the need for advanced security. The interoperable solution promises to provide organizations with comprehensive visibility into the security of our virtual and physical environments, at a very granular level.”

Tufin believes its tool can make AWS safer to use and more compliant with government regulations.

“Our customers want to leverage Amazon Web Services for application development, testing and production, but require visibility into how AWS connects to the other parts of their network, if and how they are compliant with segmentation policies, and how their security group configuration changes over time,” said Reuven Harrison. CTO, Tufin. “By extending support to AWS, enterprises can pursue the benefits offered by public and hybrid cloud models with assurance that their security policy requirements will remain intact.  As cloud models continue to evolve and new methods and technologies emerge, we will continue to deliver security automation and analytics that support our customers’ ability to innovate.”

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