Using managed public certificates with Azure Key Vault and Web Apps

This tutorial helps you troubleshoot the issues when synchronizing certificates between Azure Key Vault and Azure Web Apps.

1 week ago

Using PowerShell to bulk update Hyper-V Agents

Virtual Machine Manager is excellent, but if you have a lot of managed hosts you want to update, PowerShell should…

2 weeks ago

Backup Exchange Server with System Center Data Protection Manager

In an age of cyberattacks, backups are crucial. Here’s how to backup Exchange using Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager.

2 weeks ago

Troubleshooting an unresponsive Hyper-V host with VM Manager

Encountering a situation where a Hyper-V host is unresponsive is frustrating. But with a little patience, you can find and…

3 weeks ago

Add an email alias address using the Attribute Editor in Microsoft 365

If you are an Exchange admin, users may have requested you to add an email alias give to people externally.…

3 weeks ago

Deploying software packages with Winget

In this second article on Winget, we offer a crash course on finding, installing, and updating packages with this Windows…

3 weeks ago

Migrating to a new Windows 11 laptop: Step-by-step guide

Because of the hardware requirements for Windows 11, many are buying new laptops. Here’s how to get your old stuff…

1 month ago

Export Microsoft Teams conversations with CLI for Microsoft 365

There’s no direct way to export Microsoft Teams conversations. But this script gets the job done using CLI for Microsoft…

1 month ago

Enabling Google as an external identities provider in Microsoft 365

Configuring Google as an external identities provider for Microsoft 365 can be a timesaver when inviting guest users. Here’s how…

1 month ago

Using Fiddler to troubleshoot connectivity to an Exchange mailbox

Fiddler is a free tool for Exchange that can help make the lives of every admin a little easier. Here’s…

1 month ago