Creating a Microsoft 365 cloud policy configuration

IT pros can now use the Microsoft 365 Office cloud policy service on devices that are running Microsoft Office apps,…

2 days ago

Azure Workbooks: Step-by-step guide to managing the basics

Here’s an introductory look at Azure Workbooks, covering all the basics of what they are, their components, and how you…

4 days ago

Monitoring network connectivity using Azure Network Watcher

This tutorial shows you how to configure Network Watcher to monitor partners and applications using the Azure Connection Manager feature.

2 weeks ago

Decreasing the background activity of Hyper-V virtual machines

Organizations can increase their virtual machine density by decreasing the virtual machines’ background activity. Here’s how to do it.

2 weeks ago

Setting Exchange Out of Office for multiple users with different messages

Exchange Out of Office messages are easy for individual users to set, but what if you as an Exchange admin…

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Missing email? Use Exchange Online message trace to track it down

If email is consistently not being delivered, Exchange Online includes a message trace tool you can use to track missing…

4 weeks ago

Setting up Mac Mail and Outlook on Exchange 2016

Setting up Mac Mail and Microsoft Outlook on Exchange 2016 is not difficult, although there can be speed bumps. Follow…

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Which type of PowerShell loop should you be using?

PowerShell supports several types of loops, but not all loops are interchangeable in your scripts. Here’s a look at when…

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Gaining better insight into Exchange Online — with insights

Exchange Online provides you with a number of insights to help you to get a better feel for who is…

1 month ago

Microsoft Teams Calendar syncing with Exchange 2016/2019

One of the biggest challenges admins face is syncing Calendar information from on-premises Exchange to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

1 month ago