UAG DirectAccess Dispels Common Networking Phobias

image Before I took over this blog, Tom used to talk about DirectAccess a bit. It you go back into the archives on the blog site, you’ll see that Tom really liked the idea of DirectAccess, but was pretty concerned about the complexity. I can tell you that when the subject came up during dinner that he often said “I hope MS didn’t come up with a way to ruin another great idea”.

Of course, that was before he joined Microsoft and started working with the UAG DirectAccess Anywhere Access Team. Turns out Tom was doing and saying stuff that happens all too often in this business, he read a little bit about the tech, decided it was too hard, and then essentially gave up on it and moved on. I guess that makes sense, since everyone is so very busy these days.

One thing that I have learned is that DirectAccess can actually be very simple to set up. After asking Tom for a little direction in terms of configuration guidance, I got it up and running pretty quickly, and nothing was that difficult or complicated. Now I can’t live without my DirectAccess connection to my office!

I think one of the things that make people shy away from DirectAccess is the IPv6 component. They think they need to learn IPv6, and there is just too much work that needs to be done before going back to school to learn IPv6. In this regard I have some good news for all of you! You do not need to know a thing about IPv6 to get IPv6 going and working. How do I know that? Because I don’t know anything about IPv6 and I have a great DirectAccess deployment in my office.

For more information on how UAG DirectAccess can dispel IPv6-phobia, check out Tom’s article on his Edge Man blog at:



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