UAG RC0 and SSTP and Arrays – WIH?

image So a couple of people I know were working with UAG RC0 and told me they really liked how easy it is to create an array. I told them “I told you so!” because indeed, creating an array is a pleasant, painless experience, nothing like trying to make Exchange 2010 do what you want it to do 🙂

However, the blush came off the rose when they tried to make SSTP work. They said “what’s up with that?”

Indeed – what’s up with that?

Well, I always say – READ THE  RELEASE NOTES!

Here’s what the UAG release notes have to say about our beloved SSTP:

VPN client access (SSL network tunneling)

  • For this release, dial-in RRAS VPN connections are not supported. PPTP and L2TP/IPsec are not supported.
  • When Forefront UAG is configured in an array, VPN client connections using SSL network tunneling (SSTP) are not supported.


I expect that PPTP and L2TP/IPsec connections will be enabled by the time the product is released.

You might be wondering “what about VPN Reconnect (IKEv2), where’s that?”

I don’t know what to tell you about VPN Reconnect. Yes, it’s very cool and immensely useful in a number of remote access scenarios once you upgrade to Windows 7. I think VPN Reconnect caught the UAG guys by surprise, so whether it makes it into UAG 2010 by RTM is hard to say. I have to point out that the TMG guys sort of got caught with their pants down regarding VPN Reconnect too – since you’ll notice there is no integrated support for this VPN protocol in TMG either.

However, given that inbound access development is being squarely focused on UAG and not TMG, we’ll forgive the TMG guys. And, TMG has great support for SSTP, so we’re pretty happy with the great work they did on that front!



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