The UC Architects Podcast Episodes 41 & 42

Episode 41: The Missing Van Hybrid

  • Microsoft ordered to hand over overseas email, throwing EU privacy rights in the fire
  • Microsoft’s unified technology event for enterprises
  • Exchange Log Level GUI Powershell Script
  • Lingering entries for long-departed servers retained by Exchange 2013 
  • Outlook 2013 cannot connect to Exchange 2013 using MAPI over HTTP when proxy is enabled
  • Exchange 2013’s Hybrid Configuration Wizard in SP1 and CU5 is BROKEN!
  • Walking through Exchange 2013′s Hybrid Configuration Wizard steps
  • Microsoft Exec Discusses Plan To Offer Customers Free Office 365 Migration Services
  • Choose the best way to include signatures in Office 365
  • Bittitan Data Encryption Released
  • Complete Home Lync Lab
  • Isn’t It Time For Lync To Make Way For Skype?
  • Assign Lync Policies to Lync users based on Active Directory Group membership
  • Change Lync Conferencing Dial-In Number Display Order (GUI) 
  • Installing and configuring Lync 2013 Watcher Node
  • Lots of Lync customer benefits with Plantronics-as-a-Service
  • Lync Snom Configuration Manager! For all your Client Policy Entry needs
  • Microsoft has released July 2014 CU for Lync Phone Edition
  • Microsoft selects 911Enable for Lync Online Dedicated
  • New Lync PowerShell tool: Lync 2013 Contact Backup and Restore Tool (GUI)  
  • Polycom UCS 5.1 for VVX phones
  • Using Lync Like a LyncPro
  • Review of Logitech cc3000e
  • Lync Users Group
  • UC Birmingham User Group – August 13th @ The Priory Rooms Meeting & Conference Centre
  • Norwegian Lync Day 10/14/2014


Episode 42: We’re Getting Probed

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