The Ultimate Intune Setup Guide

I’m going to lift and share a nugget I found a while back and have been pointing folks too when they are in need of some help getting their Intune tenant setup.  The folks over at ConfigMgrDogs have put together a nice series on how to get through this.  Unfortunately, they didn’t hyperlink to all of the others in each post so I’ll put them in order for you here.  Keep in mind however that this was from about a year ago – so some things have changed in the GUI and some of the tools are different (like AAD Connect vs DirSync).  The basic premise is the same and should be a good guide to get you on your way. Thanks guys!

One thing I see missed a lot, especially in PoC’s where the customer may not already have O365 setup and public DNS records configured is a missing CNAME for  Since Intune is a cloud service we need to redirect the devices trying to communicate with Intune via your custom domain to hit

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