Undelete file recovery for Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP

Also consider File-Saver, commercial product which can recover deleted files. Fairly cheap at the price.

Execsoft.com has updated their undelete utility for Windows NT to support Windows 2000. Need to recover a file deleted from the commandline or remotely or from the Recycle Bin after its cleared? Undelete will work for you. This is a commercial utility.

Mark Russinovich of SysInternals has released the freeware utility Fundelete that replaces NT or W2K’s Recycle Bin to provide full protection of files deleted from anywhere. Fundelete includes the same configurability as Recycle Bin’s Properties dialog, including which drives should have protection enabled, and how large the Fundelete Bin should be allowed to grow. Fundelete also provides a filtering dialog that allows you to prevent files of specific extensions not to be sent to the Bin, such as editor backup files, and temporary files. You can also specify directories that will be excluded from protection. You need to install it. It can not recover files deleted before it was installed.

Restorer2000 is a powerful utility which can restore files deleted accidentally in NTFS partitions and even reconstruct formatted and corrupted drives. There is freeware version and a full commercial version with enhanced functionality.

RecoverNT EXPRESS can scan one or all the drives or RAIDS in a Windows NT system and retrieve files that have been deleted, even emptied from the Recycle Bin, deleted from the command line or by a network user. You can scan for all deleted files or use the search feature to scan for filenames or extensions. The quick scan feature can scan a huge drive or RAID in seconds making RecoverNT EXPRESS the quickest undelete option, and it does not have to be preinstalled! There is a try it before buy it feature.

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