Under The Hood: Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Log Analysis – Part 2

The previous post for Exchange ActiveSync mailbox log analysis gave an overview of the various commands a device may send. Now we want to dig just a little bit deeper and provide a way to link items within an EAS mailbox log to the items inside the mailbox.

Unless verbose logging is enabled you do not see the full details of the item (subject, sender, etc.) This leads us to the question: How do you know what item the ActiveSync request/response was for within the mailbox? The next few sections will show you how to correlate an appointment, message, and attachment between the mailbox log and mailbox contents.

Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2013/12/05/under-the-hood-exchange-activesync-mailbox-log-analysis-part-2.aspx

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