Unidesk Management Platform Launches

A while back, I posted a video about an upcoming VDI layering technology called Unidesk. Unidesk leverages VMware vSphere™ and extends virtual desktop solutions such as VMware View™ and Citrix® XenDesktop® with 100 percent personalization for end users, together with single image management and storage savings for IT organizations. Back when I posed the video, Unidesk was still developing technologies – meaning they had no tangible released product. That all changed recently when Unidesk 1.0 was released. The “official” description of Unidesk layering states:

“Unidesk Composite Virtualization™ technology is the patent-pending layering innovation that gives both end users and IT ideal virtual desktops. All user customizations are captured and stored separately in personalization layers. Microsoft Windows and applications such as Microsoft Office are created and maintained by IT in separate operating system and application layers. By dynamically compositing these layers at boot time, Unidesk ensures that every desktop has the same set of patched and compliant base layers, while every user has a consistent, personal desktop and application experience.”

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