Unified Access Gateway 2010 Beta 2 is Here!

image I’ve hinted that the Beta 2 version of the Unified Access Gateway was coming soon to a download site near you. Now it’s happened!

You can download the UAG 2010 Beta 2 software from the following site today:


The download file is a convenient .iso disk, so you can immediately start testing in your virtual environment when the download is complete. No need to expand a compressed .exe like we’ve had to do in the past with ISA and TMG beta downloads.

However, before you get started, you should be aware of a few things. These tips will help you avoid problems I’ve encountered when testing pre-release versions of the UAG beta 2.

Consider the following:

  • UAG beta 2 requires Windows Server 2008 R2. If you install on Windows Server 2008, the installation will fail but it won’t tell you why.
  • Performance is not optimized. Some changes, such as joining an array can take several minutes. Make sure to bring your patience with you 🙂
  • UAG can publish a number of Web applications, and includes a number of application optimizers to set a new bar on high security for published Web sites. However, UAG beta 2 hasn’t been tested for all the applications UAG can publish, so if you run into problems, check the Release Notes for the apps that have been tested.
  • Don’t try DirectAccess until you’re read the Release Notes and the DirectAccess configuration guide. I want you to love DirectAccess, and if you run into it without reading the guides, you might end up in a endless loop of frustration and despair. There’s no need to suffer, just follow the guides and your first experience will be a good one and you’ll feel ever more enthused about DirectAccess and the complete, unified and integrated DA solution that UAG provides.

UAG Release Notes can be found at:


System Requirements are found here:


Installation Guidelines are here:


The DirectAccess Configuration Guide is here:


Have fun with your beta testing of the UAG and make sure to hit the Web boards at http://forums.isaserver.org if you have questions about installation, configuration and management of your beta 2 UAG gateways. Right now we only have a IAG 2007 forum so you can post there. We’ll have a UAG forum soon.



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