Unitrends Unveils Six Secrets Most Backup Vendors Don’t Want You to Know – Part 1

Every industry has its secrets, and the backup and recovery space is no different. And while many backup providers do a great job of keeping these secrets, well secret, Unitrends believes companies should be well informed on the industry’s intricacies so they can make the best purchasing decisions possible. As such, the company is blowing the door wide open on six longtime industry secrets. Take a look:

  • The cost of backup software is a fraction of what you’re going to spend. Reality check:The cost of your backup software is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of your capital and operating costs. You’re also going to need to purchase an application server, an operating system, a storage controller, a lot of storage and some pretty advanced networking – and then spend time and money figuring out how to integrate these components to optimize functionality and performance. Bottom line: Don’t purchase a solution that puts you in the red. Your deficit will only increase from there. 
  • Per-client and upgrade fees are the cash cow of the industry. Most data protection companies charge per-client fees so they’ll receive additional revenue as their customers grow and add new computers to their account. It’s also common for vendors to charge upgrade fees for different types or new versions of operating systems and applications. Bottom line: Don’t fall into this trap. There are backup vendors out there that have simple pricing schemes and won’t nickel and dime you.

More secrets will be published in part 2 …

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