Upcoming Cloud 1-2-3 webinar on Azure

Planning to create a remote Exchange Server in the cloud, moving services, sharing load between on-premises and the Cloud? Here is a good opportunity to learn more about the topic. Check it out:

Are you interested in learning more about Microsoft’s exciting Azure service and all of the recent new additions?  In case you weren’t aware, you can now provision hosted VM’s, host websites, easily add blob storage, provide online backups for your Windows Servers and much more! 

Read more at source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/uspartner_ts2team/archive/2013/10/29/upcoming-cloud-1-2-3-webinar-on-azure.aspx

Anderson Patricio

Office 365 Support Webcasts are a critical program for relieving support issues and encouraging foundation technical readiness. The Support Webcasts are online sessions led by Microsoft Office 365 Support staff. The series is support focused and engineers should try to highlight the top issues and their resolution around the topic they pick. Sessions will consist of a mix of demos, live Q&A and slides. View the Ignite Site for more information about Ignite programs and webcasts. Be sure to see upcoming Office 365 Support Webcasts on the Ignite Events Page.

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