Upcoming training by Derek Melber

Derek Melber who is one of the authors at WindowSecurity has some upcoming training sessions that some of you may be interested in. Give the below a read!

Derek Melber is one of the most dynamic and exciting trainers and speakers in the IT industry today. Join Derek in one of his public seminars, where you can learn about Active Directory, Windows security, Group Policy, SoftGrid Application Virtualization, and Centralized Desktop Security and Management. With over 15 books written on these subjects, Derek is a wealth of knowledge. You will be amazed at how Derek can take a complex technology and explain it in a way that everyone can understand simply. Derek has spoken at TechEd, TechMentor, Windows Connections, and private Microsoft events. Derek was responsible for training all Microsoft employees, partners, and channels about Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) for the past year. To learn more about the public seminars or have Derek come directly into your company, contact him at [email protected].

Upcoming Events: (tell them to mention my name at registration, code will come soon)

TechMentor Las Vegas – October 15-19 (www.techmentorevents.com)

Windows Connections Las Vegas – November 5-9 (www.winconnections.com)

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