Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy in Exchange 2013 CU1

The Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy cmdlet is used to seed or reseed a mailbox database copy. Seeding is the process in which a copy of a mailbox database is added to another Mailbox server, thus becoming the database copy into which copied log files and data are replayed. This cmdlet can also be used to seed a content index catalog for a mailbox database copy.

In Exchange 2013 CU1 this cmdlet includes some new parameters that are designed to aid with automation of seeding operations. These parameters include:

  • BeginSeed – this is useful for scripting reseeds. With this parameter, the task asynchronously starts the seeding operation and then exits the cmdlet;
  • MaximumSeedsInParallel – this is used with the Server parameter to specify the maximum number of parallel seeding operations that should occur across the specified server during a full server reseed operation. The default value is 10;
  • SafeDeleteExistingFiles – this is used to perform a seeding operation with a single copy redundancy pre-check prior to the seed. Because this parameter includes the redundancy safety check, it requires a lower level of permissions than the DeleteExistingFiles parameter, enabling a limited permission administrator to perform the seeding operation;
  • Server – this is used as part of a full server reseed operation to reseed all database copies in a Failed and Suspended state. It can be used with the MaximumSeedsInParallel parameter to start reseeds of database copies in parallel across the specified server in batches of up to the value of the MaximumSeedsInParallel parameter copies at a time.

Remember that you must suspend a database copy before you can update it using the Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy cmdlet.

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