Updated DLP policy templates for Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft recently released Updated DLP policy templates for Exchange Server 2013.

This download contains out-of-the-box updated DLP policy templates that address localization issues with the templates that are included in the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Exchange 2013. When using the prior DLP policy templates, in some locales (languages) you will receive an error message when creating a new DLP policy from a template. Additionally, the policy templates for Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Norwegian locales that are included in the RTM version of Exchange 2013 contain localization errors. These locales incorrectly contain English text in DLP policy templates, descriptions, transport rule names, and content. This issue does not affect the classification definitions that are used in these locales. The issue only affects the data that is displayed in the Exchange Administration Center. The updated DLP policy templates resolve these issues.

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