Upgrading MSP Offerings from Infrastructure to Applications

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Traditionally, managexenia resized 600d IT service providers have been great at providing infrastructure-oriented services, and there are many existing infrastructure management tools that have enabled MSPs to provide customers with a good ROI at the system level.  Yet, competition in the IT services market is fierce, and MSPs need to be able to differentiate their offerings to remain in the game. Providing application performance management is one area where there is much opportunity for MSPs to increase margins, yet there has been a lack of affordable automated tools to achieve better ROI for their customers.  With GSX Monitor & Analyzer, MSPs can provide critical new services to their customers.

Microsoft applications are a mainstay for a majority of businesses today, and will be for the foreseeable future.  Businesses rely on applications like Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange Online daily to operate at the most fundamental level.  However, existing tools to manage these applications are too expensive and difficult to use, and many businesses simply don’t have the IT resources to tackle the issue in-house.  Further, many existing tools don’t provide insight into application performance from the end-user level, even though end-user satisfaction is critical.  That’s why many are turning to service providers for help.

So, what steps does an MSP need to take to provide these services?  First, the service provider needs to discover and assess the customer’s existing infrastructure environment and related application dependencies. Next, MSPs need an alerting system that points to potential performance bottlenecks in real-time to prevent any negative impact on the business line.  Since many users today access Microsoft applications from remote locations and a variety of devices, MSPs also need a performance management tool that can automatically check the quality of service from multiple locations.  Finally, and in order to meet service-level agreements (SLAs), MSPs need to be able to provide customers with key application performance metrics and statistics, quickly, and at any given time, before any problems impact end user productivity, and eventually the business as a whole.

Enter GSX Monitor & Analyzer.  GSX Monitor is an agentless robot installed at the customer site to manage Microsoft Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint and Lync.  Working as an administrator, GSX Monitor automatically discovers the environment in real time and performs ongoing, automated performance tests.  With this information, GSX Monitor detects potential performance issues, troubleshoots in real time and alerts IT administrators of any issues.  In addition, GSX Monitor gives insight into performance from an end user perspective, and creates alerts when end user performance starts to decrease or becomes unacceptable. Then, the reporting platform, GSX Analyzer, gathers data from GSX Monitor, and produces automated reports and forecasts on system and service performance, as well as the end user experience, enabling service providers to justify IT costs and ensure that SLAs are being met.

With GSX Monitor & Analyzer, service providers can move beyond managing infrastructure and consulting on how to architect the environments that support critical Microsoft applications. MSPs can add new services to remain competitive in the industry, including: remote support for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange Online; proactive support with end-user simulation across multiple locations; assessment of hybrid on-premises and cloud environments; capacity planning and resource optimization; remote support for Exchange Online; and, overall application availability and performance reporting. In today’s increasingly mobile and cloudy world, automated performance management tools have become a necessity for service providers to ensure that their customers can keep their employees productive, maintain service levels, and, ultimately, achieve a strong ROI. Start generating additional revenue with GSX Solutions today!


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