Upstream Security

As more and more new threats surface, traditional security designs such as, legacy perimeter-based security may become obsolete and may give a false impression of security. The characteristics of these new threats include capabilities that make them invisible to traditional control and monitoring tools and can reside in a network for a long stay, stealing personal or organizational sensitive information to achieve financial gain.

Today’s threat landscape requires organizations to manage risks beyond their network perimeter and stop threats before they reach the network. A proactive mechanism known as upstream security offers the potential to increase the security and assurance of organizations, while reducing operational costs.

Upstream security is a layer of carrier-identified threats, controls and safeguards available beyond the organizational perimeter, in the carrier network or ‘open Internet’. Once considered a “no-man’s land” in the security picture, upstream security resources can be leveraged to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of any enterprise security program.

Make sure you read this White paper by Bell.

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