Windows9x USB Networking Installation Parts of these pages on USB Networking are a cooperation with
Parallel Technologies, the creator/ inventor/ developer
of the DirectParallel® technology licensed to Microsoft
for the Direct Cable Connection (DCC) feature in
Windows 95/98/2000/ME ( supplier of the fast
DirectParallel® cable and of USB connection cables).

For the Net-LinQ USB Network Cable from Parallel Technologies, I made the installation on
Windows98SE (as example for an Windows95,98,ME USB Network installation) according
to the Net-LinQ Installation & User’s Manual (there is a different setup procedure for Windows 2000) :

Net-LinQ: USB Connection Cable
Network Bridge Application for Windows98
Installation & User’s Manual V.1.0

Important Note: Do NOT use these installation instructions for Windows2000, see the seperate Windows2000 Installation procedure !
Read all of the steps below before you start installing the driver;
Do Not plug your Net-LinQ USB Connection Cable into the USB port of your computer
.Follow the steps below to install driver of the Net-LinQ USB Connection Cable

  1. Power on the computers where you will connect Net-LinQ: USB Connection Cable (PTI-USB Network Bridge Application) and make sure that the USB port is enabled and working properly.
  2. Make sure Windows Networking is set-up correctly with the networking protocols and components you need :
    In the Network Panel (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network) or (My Computer on your Desktop/Control Panel/Network)
    or (Right Click on Network Neighborhood / Properties)
  3. Click on the Configuration Tab of the Network panel to examine your network components and protocols.
  4. You may already have some of these network components installed. You will need to have Client for Microsoft Networks, Dial-Up Adapter, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.

    After you added these components and selected as “Primary Network Logon” the “Client for Microsoft Networks“,
    you need to boot your computer for the new settings to take effect.
    Attention: After you reboot, if the following screen appears:

    Enter a Username and (optional) a password, then select OK.
    do not bypass it (by clicking on “Cancel” or hitting the ESC-key) or you will not be able to access your network !

    1. Insert the driver diskette for Net-LinQ USB Connection Cable (USB-USB Network Bridge) into the floppy drive and run the A:\ Setup.exe program inside the driver diskette. (Do not plug in the cable yet)
    2. The Install Shield Wizard will guide you step-by-step to complete the installation process.
    3. In Choose Destination Location Window, you can either install USB-USB Network Bridge driver to C:\Program files\ USB-USB Network Bridge Driver V1.2a or you can install it to the specified directory you want.

      Click NEXT.
    4. In “Enter Information” Windows, enter the name of the computer and Workgroup.

      Please be sure that each computer has been given a unique name, not to conflict with each other.

      Make sure the Workgroup name is the same for all the computers in the network.
    5. The Install Shield Wizard will pop-up a Question Window asking if you want to install the USB-USB Bridge Protocol”.

      if you have on THIS system (where you install the software) only USB-network cables, You must click No.
      if you have on THIS system (where you install the software) an Ethernet card/cable and the USB-network cables,You must click Yes. (You only need to install the Bridge Protocol if you want to interconnect your USB Network with an Ethernet LAN ).
      Click Finish to complete the setup process.
    6. During the installation, the system may ask you to insert the Windows CD-ROM:

      please insert your Windows CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive then click OK. If the system cannot find any of the files, please direct to your CD-ROM drive and click OK.
    7. The Wizard will ask you to reboot the computer when the installation is complete. Please remove the driver diskette from your floppy drive and restart Windows.
    8. When Windows has completely rebooted, connect the Net-LinQ USB Connection Cable. This will install the cable driver as a device that now works with your USB Controller. Since PTI-USB Network Bridge Driver V1.2A has finished installing the network driver, your USB network environment is set up automatically when the installation is complete. You should see some dialog boxes appear and disappear while the system installs the USB hardware and software drivers … “New Hardware Found”, “Installing NetBEUI”, “Installing TCP/IP”.
    9. Reboot your computer with the Net-LinQ USB Connection Cable plugged in.
    10. you have to get now the Network Login Prompt (not anymore just the Windows Login)
    11. When you now check your network configuration ( in the Network Panel (Start/Settings/Control Panel/Network)
      or (My Computer on your Desktop/Control Panel/Network) or (Right Click on Network Neighborhood / Properties):

      you have as Network adapter the “USB-USB Network Bridge Adapter” and a binding of the protocols to it.
    12. It may take several minutes for Network Neighborhood to see the other computers. It’s OK to wait.

Once the systems are shown in the Network Neighborhood, you can use the network as shown
in the Step-by-Step networking procedure .
You can use a USB-network to setup Internet Connection Sharing for Windows98SE / ME or
Windows2000 using the Microsoft ICS or using Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing
(example using WinRouteLite).

Installation of the Bridge protocol
and Mixed


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