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The BPOS Team blogged about Live Meeting video component last week. Basically, how can we use the advantages of live meeting to improve remote user experience in virtual meetings using either OCS on-premises or Microsoft Online Services.

There is also some live meeting sessions available to attend and on-demand, check this out:

The video component of any Microsoft Office Live Meeting presentation or event can be the key that keeps the attendees involved and participating in a session.

Use video as part of your Live Meeting to:

  • Enhance virtual team collaboration and decision-making through improved engagement and communication.
  • Increase personal connection by simulating a face-to-face conference experience, regardless of the number of participants who are based remotely.
  • Keep all participants attentive during the meeting by bringing video, voice, and meeting content together into one seamless interactive session.
  • Put a “face” to your recorded demos and training presentations. The High Fidelity Presentation format, Recording Converter, and Playback features of Live Meeting display webcam or RoundTable video in synch with audio and meeting content.

Office Live Meeting supports both traditional webcams and the Microsoft RoundTable video camera, which allows for a 360 degree view of a physical conference room.

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