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Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. The Scripting Wife and I are sore from our weekend spent doing yard work. I am not much of an outdoor kind of geek, and so my excursions are normally limited to going to and from the mailbox, or to and from the woodworking shop. It has been years since I laid outside and worked on my tan, played in a summer softball league, or for that matter hit the links in pursuit of the elusive little white ball. But the Scripting Wife wanted some help—and I am after all, all about helping people. But I wish it was a script she needed help with and not the rose bushes!

Note  This is the second in a series of Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog posts where I talk about using Windows PowerShell with Office 365. In the first post, Getting Started with Office 365 and PowerShell, I talked about setting up a demo environment and installing the prerequisite software to enable Windows PowerShell management of the demo environment. I also walked through the installation of the management module. In today’s post, I talk about using Windows PowerShell to explore the settings and capabilities of my Office 365 tenant installation.

It is now time to use some Windows PowerShell cmdlets to explore my Office 365 tenant installation. One of the things I figured out yesterday is that I do not want to always have to be typing my credentials. For one thing, I don’t remember them very well. For another thing, when I change the credentials to a nice long pass phrase, I will have an even harder time getting it right. Also, I tend to open and close the Windows PowerShell console on a routine basis—so that makes things that much harder. Therefore, my first order of business is to securely store my Office 365 credentials.

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