Use the TMG Firewall as a Wifi Gateway with Collective Software Captivate

“…There has been a steady increases of more and more tablet / slate devices and more and more user bringing their own un-manged devices to work. With this increase there is a higher than ever demand for IT departments to provide the services need for these devices to fully function in the workplace. I have been trying to figure a good way to accommodate their need on a corporate network without compromising security…”

Check out this great article to see how to configure your TMG firewall as a wifi gateway for your phones and PadPCs.



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1 thought on “Use the TMG Firewall as a Wifi Gateway with Collective Software Captivate”

  1. We were using Captivate for ISA as a captive portal on our guest WiFi system and it worked really well. With ISA now out of support and not being updated, we had to look for a replacement.

    Just thought I'd help other Captivate users by pointing the way to ZeroShell, which is a Linux distro with a Web front-end. When our ISA server finally died last week, we decided to investigate our options, and ZeroShell fits the bill perfectly.

    In a couple of days we'd got to grips with it, configured and customised the captive portal for wireless authentication using RADIUS. It's great.

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