Use netsh to configure your laptop’s nic for different networks

If you need to plug your laptop into different networks, you can save and
restore the appropriate network configuration using the netsh.exe utility which ships with W2K and XP. When you have
your laptop correctly configured for your office network, you can save the
network configuration for later restoration.

netsh -c interface dump > c:\configs\officeinterface.txt

Now lets say you take it home and reconfigure it correctly for you home
network. To save you home network configuration for later use:

netsh -c interface dump > c:\configs\homeinterface.txt

OK. Now you take the laptop back to the office and you need to reconfigure
for the office environment: nic address, wins, gateway address… Use the
following command to restore your office network interface:

netsh -f c:\configs\officeinterface.txt

At end of day, you take it home. To setup for home, run:

netsh -f c:\configs\homeinterface.txt

As you can imagine, this is very valuable if you have get your laptop to
function in multiple network locations.

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