Use NT Server client-based administration tools to administrate NT domains.

Many NT administrators run NT server as their workstation in order to
administrate their NT domains from their workstation. Others work from the
console of servers in their computer rooms. I do not recommend either practice.
Microsoft included server client-based admin tools which will run on NT
workstation (even Win9x). If you are running Windows 2000 Professional, you can
administer a Windows NT4 domain using these same client-based tools. The tools
can be installed from \clients\srvtools\winnt folder on
the NT4 Server CD or from the apps\clients folder on
the Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit CD. The server admin tools will install
into %systemroot%\system32. The admin programs are:



User Manager of Domains


Server Manager


System Policy Editor (NT)


DHCP Manager


WINS Manager


Remote Access Administrator


Remoteboot Manager


Services for Macintosh

I only
logon to a server console when absolutely necessary. With these tools and a few
commandline resource kit utilities, I don’t need to go into the computer room
and logon to a server console for routine tasks. In fact, using IPC server authenication , I logon to my
workstation using my normal user account rather than an admin account.

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