Use Sendto to edit files in XP/W2K

One of the niffty features in XP is the ability to copy files to the floppy or
writeable CDROM using the sendto capability. I also need to be able to edit
files using Explorer. Simply browse to the appropriate folder, right-click on
the file I wish to edit, and select sendto Notepad.
Actually I use UltraEdit, an extremely powerful editor. I also have a sendto
option to open files with UltraEdit under Explorer. How do you add Notepad or
other editor or program to the Sendto menu for Windows
2000 and Windows XP?

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Change directory to the Documents and Settings
  • Change to your user profile folder, in my case the folder Wayne
  • Change to the SendTo folder
    Since the SendTo folder is hidden, you will have to change your folder
    preferences to display ALL files.
  • Add a new shortcut to NOTEPAD.EXE, or whatever program you wish, in my case
With associations, you can open any TXT file. Using
SendTo facility of XP and W2K, you can chose which TXT
files to open with Notepad, UltraEdit or other program.

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