Using CliQr with Cisco ACI

This week is Cisco Live 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Technically the conference doesn’t start unitl Tuesday 2/16/2016, but I’m here a day early to get revved up on some things. One of the things I’m busy with this week is demoing CliQr at our Cisco Data Center booth. CliQr is essentially a cloud management tool that can be used on top of ACI to help model applicaitons and make it easier to admnister those applications between sites, including public and private clouds.

You can basically think of CliQr as a self-service portal for developers and application admins. As it was explained to me, it helps put the ‘A’ in ACI. It offers some pre-built application profiles, but it can also allow application owners to make their own application profiles and save them for later use. What do we mean by Application Profile in the CliQr sense, well, it’s very similar to what it is in ACI. Essentially it is a group of end points, in this case virtual machines, with operating systems and applications on them. CliQr also allows you to create policies by turning on certain services so you can truly build an entire ACI Application Profile by pointing and clicking on it from a catalog.

If you’re at Cisco Live Berlin this week, come find me or one of my colleagues for a great demo! If not hit me up on Twitter @malhoit and I’ll be happy to discuss!

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