Using EdgeSync with TMG Firewalls

image If you’re been watching this space, you probably know that I’ve been doing a comprehensive series on the TMG firewall’s email hygiene solution. If you didn’t know that, make sure to check the front page of the site and look at the current list of recent articles.

To get you up to speed – the TMG firewall, in addition to being an enterprise grade network firewall, is also able to act as your email security gateway. The TMG firewall is able to do this because Exchange Edge Server and Forefront Protection for Exchange 2010 is installed on the firewall. With these two components installed on the firewall, TMG is about to inspect and protect both incoming and outgoing SMTP messages.

So, what a coincidence I see that the TMG firewall team has published a nice article on using Mail Protection on the Forefront TMG firewall. Check it out over at:



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