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GPLogView.exe is a command-line tool for troubleshooting Group Policy issues in Windows Vista and later. You can download GPLogView from here.

One of the uses of GPLogView is to troubleshoot Group Policy processing step-by-step. Here's how you might do this:

  1. Find what you think may be a significant or problem event in the Group Policy Operational log in Event viewer. Select the Details tab for this event, select the XML View option, and copy the value of the Correlation Active ID of the event to the clipboard. Correlation Activity IDs will look something like this: BEB73969-2C9F-43DA-82EB-6B6EDAF1D7BF
  2. Install GPLogView on the machine, open a command prompt, and change the current directory to C:\Program Files\GroupPolicy LogView.
  3. Find all Group Policy events on the machine with that particular Correlation Activity ID and output them as an HTML file named test.html by typing the following command: gplogview –a BEB73969-2C9F-43DA-82EB-6B6EDAF1D7BF –h –o test.html
  4. Type test.html at the command prompt to open the exported events in Internet Explorer. You can then see details concerning the sequence of events that occurred during the particular Group Policy processing cycle identified by the Correlation Activity ID.

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