VDI and the Page File – what’s best?

The page file has been around for quite some time in Microsoft Windows as a virtual memory mechanism. There has always been some degree of mystery on how to set the page file for optimum performance. There have been several rules-of-thumb suggested, but the real answer is “it depends” (as always) on your mix of apps and the way the users use them. Nicholas Rintalan from Citrix wrote an article titled “The Pagefile Done Right!” that has a ton of good info in it. But, what about VDI desktops? Do the same rules apply? Andre Leibovici wrote an article titled “VDI + Windows PageFile Done Right!” and it looks as though he does not agree. To some extend, Andre is suggesting (very cautiously) that no pagefile may be the way to go for some environments. What do you thing?

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