VDI personalization – more than just profiles

Back in the days when we delivered applications remotely using Terminal Server based solutions, roaming profiles were mostly sufficient for personalization options. Now that VDI solutions are becoming more prevalent, roaming profiles are usually not sufficient to conquer the personalization needs for an end user. Ron Oglesby started a new blog series called “VDI implementation learning” and addresses the limitations of roaming profiles as a user personalization solution in VDI. This is nicely illustrated in one of Ron’s examples:

In a university environment, thousands of new users arrive any given year and many of them bring printers with them. In a VDI environment, the administrator has to constantly update their Gold Image to ensure it has the right hot fixes and service packs. After he finishes these Gold updates and fields a slew of “my printer disappeared” calls from his users, he gets the users to do a printer reinstall, and everything is OK until the next Gold Image update.

“Personalization takes on many forms. Profiles. User-installed applications. Browser plug-ins. Printer drivers. Security keys. We as IT professionals have to consider the users we’re trying to serve with virtual desktops, understand their needs, and figure out how to meet them, rather than just go with what we’re told is the standard VDI stack.”

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