VDI Remoting Protocol Comparison

Bernard Tritsch and Shawn Bass recently dove into comparing various remoting protocols for VDI usage. I was able to sit in our their BriForum session in Chicago this year. The session was very well presented as Benny and Shawn gave unbiased test results for Microsoft RDP 7.1 with Remote FX, Citrix ICA and HDX, Quest EOP, VMware PC-over-IP (software), Teradici PC-over-IP (hardware), Ericom Blaze, SPICE, and more. Virtualization.info has posted a summary of the test results.



  • Remoting protocols play a significant role for different Virtual Desktop products and solutions
  • Critical network factors:
    • Bandwidth – the protocols take all they get, 2 MBit/s required for good UX
    • Latency – at 50ms things start getting tough (sometimes even at 20ms)
    • Packet loss – should stay under 1%
  • The new concepts require additional hardware (GPUs for the masses)
    • Microsoft RDP 7.1 with RemoteFX on the LAN (partner enhancements for WAN)
    • Citrix HDX 3D on both LAN and WAN
    • Teradici PCoIP on the LAN

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