Venture Capitalists at Work

I picked up a book the other day called Venture Capitalists at Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion-Dollar Successes. The VC area has always been really interesting to me. Not that I have the finances to be a VC, but the way some of the successful ones see startups can be really interesting. As I was talking with one of my mentors the other day, entrepreneurs and VCs see what’s coming in five years, before anyone else knows it’s big. If you can keep up with what they’re doing, you may also be ahead of the game.

It reminds me a little of my Tech Field Day times, where we’d listen to companies give two hour presentations and we’d decide which ones were worth blogging about…good or bad. 

In any case, it’s an interesting book that interviews many successful VCs, so you get the words right out of their mouths. I recommend checking it out.

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