Verifying SRV resource records using Nslookup

You can use the Nslookup command to verify that the SRV resource records needed by Active Directory have been created properly when Dcpromo was run on the server.

To do this, type the following commands and verify that the command output shows the correct name for your domain controller, the correct name for your domain, and the correct IP address for your domain controller:

    Default Server:  UnKnown    
    Address:  ::1    
    > set type=all    
    Server:  UnKnown    
    Address:  ::1       SRV service location:    
              priority       = 0    
              weight         = 100    
              port           = 389    
              svr hostname   =    internet address =    
    > quit    

This sample command output can also be found in my book Windows Server 2008 Server Core Administrators Pocket Consultant from Microsoft Press.

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