Video Based Training

I don’t always get to go to in class technical training anymore so I try to get training wherever I can. One of my main places is PluralSight. I actually started out with Train Signal, but PluralSight bought them a couple years back and they’re still offering great training courses. PluralSight was traditionally more targeted towards developer training, but they now have a slew of courses geared towards Operations folks. As we all seem to get closer to each other in this DevOpsian world, this is a great mix of training for all kinds of people.

If you’re one of the VMware vExperts you can actually get this training for free! If not, it’s really reasonable at something like $30 a month. It’s all subscription based. So you pay one monthly fee and then you can access as many of the training courses as you like! All of the course authors are vetted by PluralSight to make sure you get the best training possible as well. It’s definitely worth checking out and I think you can get a free month when you sign up usually. 

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