Virtual User Environment Manager (VUEM) 1.6 has been released

Last year, Pierre Marmignon released VUEM – a User Environment Management solution. I have personally used this product and it is very easy and works great. Recently, version 1.6 of VUEM was released. Some of the new features in 1.6 include:

  • Revamped graphical user interface
  • VUEM used to help you eliminate scripts? Now we also take away all those complex GPOs and environmental settings as well. For a truly really FAST workspace configuration and deployment then light speed login time (sub 10 seconds anyone?).
  • You can add context awareness filters to every action so your workspace behave depending on where the user is, what he does, what time it is, if he is on your LAN or not, etc. pretty much any scenario you can think off with any level of granularity.

  • All actions (like adding a network drive, shortcuts, registry entries, etc.) are now reversible and every changes can be applied immediately and seamlessly to the user workspace, no need to reboot. Day to day management is made almost too easy.
  • This is only the beginning of the list and hopefully you are getting a sense of why we are excited about this. Some of these new features will of course make it into our free community version which is already in production in so many customers environments. The rest of the new stuffs will be available into our Enterprise edition with a price tag that will be a no brainer to all of you guys: by far the best TCO and the best ROI on the market.
  • And more…

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