Virtualization Admins – What are your networking concerns?

I was a VMware admin for several years. I then moved on to more of a constultant role for a few years specializing in VMware and Server implementation and administration. Currently I’m working on a project figuring out all of the things virtualization engineers are concerned about when it comes to networking. So a few questions for all of you out there…

What are your main concerns when designing your VMware environment both for initial implementation, or upgrades…even every day use? 

Do you use LACP? What kind of hardware are you connecting to?

What kind of troubleshooting ot you use or wish you had? 

How do you work with your networking team? 

Are you using the standard switch or a vSphere Distributed Switch?

Any anything else you can think of…


Feel free to leave a comment here or ping me on Twitter @malhoit.

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