Fileserving in Terminal Server Environments (Part 1)

Fileserving very often is a much underestimated part of Terminal Server environments. Improperly configured fileserving components can wreak havoc on your performance. In this two-part article we will explore fileserving in Terminal Server environments and how you can make sure that you get the best performance out if it.

Buying Your First Terminal Server

The use of Server Based Computing for home workers or connecting a small branch office is very appealing to small companies. However this often means that most companies buy their first Terminal Server without any prior knowledge of the technology. Here are some useful recommendations to keep in mind when purchasing your first Terminal Server.

To Citrix or Not to Citrix?

The main question most companies just starting to use SBC technology have is if Citrix is needed or not. This article is for everyone that is now looking at Terminal Services/Citrix as a new technology to be used in-house and are now at a crossroad, having to decide/justify if such an expensive add-on like Citrix is required or not.

How to deploy applications to your Terminal Server

In the article <a href="">Terminal Server Environment Basic Concepts</a> I already described the basic concepts/rules necessary to have a stable and controllable Terminal Server Infrastructure. Two of the described concepts in that article are chronology of the installation order and the 100% “equality” of all the servers in the Farm. To accomplish this you should use silent setups and a deploy mechanism to install applications on your servers. In this article we are going to detail how to install and deploy those applications with the above mentioned concepts in mind.

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