Securing the Windows Terminal Services

Security is important for just about any computer network, but it tends to be especially important in a Terminal Service environment. Think about it for a moment; users are running applications directly on your server. If a vulnerability exists in an application or in the server’s configuration exists, then the vulnerability could potentially be exploited in an effort to gain access to the underlying operating system. That being the case, it’s worth spending some extra time making sure that you have done a good job securing the Terminal Services. In this article, I will share some security techniques with you.

Scripting for Server Based Computing: Part 3 – Citrix Presentation Server Scripting

VBScript and WMI are very powerful toolsets that allow server based computing administrators to perform some very complex, and sometimes mundane, tasks with consistency and speed. This article series serves as a look into leveraging this toolset to simplify the configuration of server and user settings. Part three of this article series will look at Citrix Presentation Server’s MFCOM Object. We will explore the settings and properties that may be managed via VBScript and WMI.

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