Visio visualizations now available in Power BI

You can take advantage of Visio visualizations while utilizing the complex datasets of Power BI. Microsoft just announced that you can now visualize data using Microsoft Visio diagrams within Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports.

Both Visio and Power BI are highly visual, and thus it makes sense for the two programs to work together to provide the best possible data visualizations. Here’s some more information from Microsoft about what this new collaboration can offer and how to use it.

Features of Visio visualizations in Power BI

Visio visualizations

Visio visualizations in Power BI offer a number of different diagram types, including flow charts, fishbone diagrams, and organizational charts. You can use these tools to create detailed inventory data, identify optimal business layouts, or even identify trends that could impact your organization.

When you use this integration, rather than just viewing the Visio data on another program, you can easily interact with the data in Power BI to give you the best chance of identifying trends or locating areas of interest for your organization to focus on. Basically, this integration helps you take advantage of the visual tools of Visio while also utilizing the complex data sets and interactive tools of Power BI, giving your organization sort of the best of both worlds.

How to use Visio visualizations in Power BI

To use this new feature, Visio users can sign up for the preview to start using this new capability right away. You do need a Visio license to create or edit visualizations within Power Bi. But if you are only viewing a dashboard or report, you don’t necessarily need a Visio license.

Once you’ve signed up, you can import Visio diagrams from SharePoint or OneDrive for Business directly into Power BI. Then the Power BI data is automatically linked to give you the most up-to-date and interactive data to help you make informed decisions for your organization.

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