VMware acquires WaveMaker

VMware has been marching down the road of not only desktop virtualization, but also desktop ubiquity (meaning the lock in of a Windows OS could be a thing of the past). VMware’s acquisition of SpringSource was a step in this direction. Now, VMware has upped the ante with the acquisition of WaveMaker. WaveMaker is a widely used graphical tool that enables non-expert developers to build web applications quickly. Some expected outcomes of this acquisition include:

  • Close alignment with Spring Roo will ensure consistent architecture between Spring Roo and WaveMaker applications and enable developers to work on WaveMaker applications at three levels: in traditional code-only style; in code-oriented fashion turbo-charged by Spring Roo; and with the WaveMaker graphical environment. This will be a uniquely compelling set of choices.
  • WaveMaker as a service will fit naturally with our cloud computing strategy, including Code2Cloud.
  • Currently WaveMaker builds applications using as inputs database tables and web service endpoints. We have lots more Spring goodness to work with. We will enrich this functionality through exposing many other features of Spring, such as Spring Integration and Spring Social endpoints, along with other cloud services.

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