VMware AppBlast under the hood

VMware recently showed off some remoting technology called AppBlast at VMworld. A lot of attention was given to the client side of the product (showing various clients running applications that they normally would not be able to run), but not much information was given about the back end of the technology. Gabe Knuth wrote an informative article exploring the nuts-and-bolts of this technology and uncovering clues on how this all works. In the article, Gabe states:

“…AppBlast works outside the OS, even going so far as working with Windows, Linux, Mac (and possibly RDSH), so it’s quite a bit different than what we’ve been seeing in other HTML5 thin clients that actually re-encode the remote protocol data into a text stream usable by WebSockets. This implies a low-level implementation, which seems relatively possible when you consider that VMware can watch what is going on in the guest GPU…”

Unfortunately, a lot of the “how” of AppBlast remains a mystery. But, as Gabe pointed out, VMware is referring to this as “core technology”. So, I guess we’ll learn more as AppBlast technology weaving into future releases such as View.

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