VMware ESX reaches end of life

There has been some speculation that VMware was going to EOL (end of life) ESX in favor of ESXi. Now, virtualization.info has been able to confirm that ESX has officially reached end of life.

“…Going forward customers will be able to deploy vSphere only using ESXi. Although the infrastructure management tasks once performed by the Service Console are now handled by tasks running under the VMkernel, some ESX users may still depend on the custom scripts, third-party products, or operational procedures that use the Service Console.

This means that upgrading to vSphere 4.1 is the perfect time to start planning on migrating to the ESXi architecture and eventually break all dependencies on the Service Console once and for all. Here is a quick summary of what you should look into:

  • Replace COS-based hardware monitoring with CIM-based tools
  • Replace COS-based backup technologies with products that use the vStorage APIs
  • Replace COS-based scripts using the VMware Management Assistant, the vCLI, or vSphere PowerCLI “

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