VMware Fusion beat into the ground by Parallels

I just ran across what I thought was a pretty interesting article at MacTech that outlines the results of a head-to-head comparison between VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop 6.In the article, the author outlines an incredible battery of tests that were performed in order to definitively determine that, on a Mac, Parallels is faster than Fusion 84% of the time. 61% of the time, Parallels handily beats Fusion. The other 23% of the time, Parallels is “a bit faster” than Fusion. In 6% of the tests, the two products tied leaving Fusion with a paltry 10% win rate. In 3D tests, Parallels won 92% of the time.

The full article outlines all of the individual tests which includes the spreads between Fusion and Parallels in each test so that you can see what is meant by a “win” in each test.

I found the article really enlightening. I use Fusion (and VirtualBox) on my Mac but have not used Parallels in quite some time. I might need to give it another shot!

For those of you that have used both Fusion and Parallels, do you see noticeable performance differences between the products? What about stability? Is Fusion more solid than Parallels or vice versa? Inquiring minds want to know!

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