VMware Horizon 7.2 includes several new features

VMware Horizon 7.2 is now generally available, VMware just announced. The virtual desktop and application platform includes updates in a few different areas that might impact organizations and IT administrators. Here’s some more information about the latest release from VMware.

Skype for Business updates

With Horizon 7.2, VMware’s solution for Skype for Business is officially supported with Windows clients. This allows users to deliver Skype for Business in a virtual desktop while also offering a much better user experience with secure collaboration and the ability to simplify management and lower costs. VMware developed the solution with Microsoft, ensuring a seamless experience.

Help Desk tool

There’s also a new utility included in this latest update that lets IT admins more easily deal with help desk issues. The Help Desk tool provides Level 1 and Level 2 help desk functionality. This includes the ability to look up users and find their sessions, initiate Microsoft Remote Assistance, send messages, and even disconnect or reset desktops for end users.

Scalability deployments

Horizon 7.2 also increases scalability for Cloud Pod Architecture deployments, including support for up to 120,000 sessions across 12 view pods and five sites. Additionally, Horizon can now support 4,000 desktops with a single VMware vCenter Server for linked-clone, full-clone, and instant-clone deployments. The purpose of these new features, among others, is to give organizations better ability to scale and grow without having to find and deploy new solutions.

Linux desktops

Finally, VMware Horizon 7.2 for Linux provides some new capabilities for those using Linux desktops. The update includes new features such as USB redirection, client drive redirection, HTML access with audio, and support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.9 x64 and CentOS 6.9 x64.

VMware also has solutions pages and download pages for each of these features so you can learn more and actually use the new tools.

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