VMware: more Exchange whitepapers and podcasts

You can find lots of Exchange related resources at the VMware Deploy Exchange on a Dynamic Platform page.

Run Exchange on VMware Infrastructure to maximize availability and protect against costly and disruptive email outages, increase infrastructure performance by 100% and reduce server footprint by up to 90%, scale dynamically to adapt to changing workloads, and expedite testing and provisioning. VMware Infrastructure is a dynamic, service-oriented platform that is officially supported by Microsoft and ideally suited to running Microsoft Exchange. Upgrade to VMware Infrastructure and free Exchange from the constraints of static physical infrastructure to:

  • Maximize availability without the complexity of Microsoft clustering
  • Increase the capacity of Exchange servers by 100%
  • Scale dynamically to support increasing load and eliminate sizing compromises
  • Expedite management tasks such as testing and provisioning
  • Reduce your infrastructure footprint and costs by up to 90%

Also, download the free Exchange “Getting Started” Kit.

There are also some good whitepapers about the subject:

And finally, you can hear some Podcasts

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