VMware Myths Busted/Confirmed

Here is a fun one I came across.  This slide deck by Eric Sloof and Mattias Sundling details VMware myths and either busts or confirms the myth.  The following VMware myths are tackled in this article/presentation:

  • VMware HA works out-of-the-box – Busted.  There are several things the admin will need to do to get HA working in a vSphere environment.
  • VMware snapshots impacts performance – Confirmed.  Snapshots still have impact on performance.
  • Disk provisioning type doesn’t affect performance – Busted. Thin and Lazy Zeroed disks have the same speed. Once allocated, these disks are as fast as Zeroed disks. Thick Provision Eager Zeroed offer best performance from first write on.
  • Always use VMware tools to sync the time in your VM – Busted.  Use W32Time or NTP.  Do not use VMware Tools period sync.

For more explanation these conclusions and to download the PowerPoint deck, continue reading at the source…

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