VMware to Acquire Certain IT Management Products and Software Expertise From EMC Corporation

This week, VMware announced an acquisition of certain pieces of EMC management software to expand the VMware vCenter Management Product Family. By doing this, they “hope to address critical management needs as customers advance on journey to cloud computing.”

Basically, the pieces that they are purchasing are pieces of EMC’s Ionix. Here is a quote from the the Yahoo Finance Press Release:

Under the terms of the agreement, VMware will acquire all technology and intellectual property of FastScale, Application Discovery Manager, Server Configuration Manager and Service Manager and will maintain engineering, marketing, sales and support operations in the United States, Europe, Israel, India and Australia. As part of the agreement, EMC will retain the Ionix brand and have full reseller rights to continue to offer customers the products acquired by VMware.

I was recently reading comment’s from EMC’s Virtualization Evangelist and Vice President, Chad Sakac from his blog post “Insider’s Perspective: Ionix and VMware“. In that post, Chad’s conclusion is this:

This is a move where VMware in an instant, makes a quantum increases the depth of resources, tools and capabilities in things that are focused on server-layer and up.   This expands the vCenter family of management capabilities, and the teams that develop them, and the teams take them to market.

This is a move where EMC, in an instant, can focus ongoing management M&A and R&D and go to market on the things that focus on UCS, networks, and storage – the server layer and down.  This accelerates EMC’s management efforts.

Hi post explains each of the different technologies acquired, what they do and how they will help VMware. I encourage you to check it out.

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