VMware View 4.5 command line reference

If you plan to automate the VMware View client installation, it is important to know the command line reference. Andre Leibovici put together a great reference for the VMware View client and agent.

VMware View Client 4.5.0 command line usage

Launching commands for View Client.

  • -desktopName XXX Desktop to autostart
  • -domainName XXX Domain for server login
  • -file XXX File with additional command line parameters
  • -languageId XXX LCID of language to use (if available), e.g. 0×409 for English
  • -nonInteractive Suppress error message boxes for fully scripted startup
  • -password XXX Password for server login
  • -smartCardPIN XXX PIN for smart card login
  • -desktopProtocol XXX Attempt to use the specified desktop display protocol
  • -desktopLayout XXX Specify desktop screen size (e.g. fullscreen, multimonitor, windowLarge, or windowSmall)
  • -serverURL XXX URL for the View Connection Server
  • -logInAsCurrentUser XXX Log in as current user (true or false)
  • -userName XXX User name for server login
  • -unattended Start in unattended mode. Connects to the entitled desktop without user interaction
  • -connectUSBOnStartup XXX Connect all USB devices to a desktop when it is launched (true or false)
  • -connectUSBOnInsert XXX Connect a USB device to the foreground desktop when the device is plugged in (true or false)
  • -printEnvironmentInfo Print information about the system
  • -rollback Rolls back a check out (need -desktopName)
  • -standalone UNSUPPORTED: To start an additional client instance for test
  • -confirmRollback Confirm rollback operation in non-interactive mode
  • -? Show this help

VMware View Agent 4.5 command line usage

View Agent can also be heavily customised and allows you to select what components should be installed.

  • /a performs an administrative install
  • /a <full path to existing administrative install> patches an existing administrative install
  • /s hides the initialization dialog. For silent mode, use /s /v /qn
  • /qb display the wizard pages in a noninteractive, automated installation
  • /v indicates parameters to pass to the installer
  • /c cleans out installation registration information
  • /l performs detailed logging
  • /l <fullpath to log file> performs detailed logging
  • /l*v <fullpath to log file>

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