VMware vSan 6.6 includes plenty of new features

The latest version of vSAN from VMware includes some new, advanced features that can make the product faster, more secure, and more cost effective.

The recently updated vSAN 6.6 is just the latest in a long line of vSan versions. But the company says that this update is even more feature-rich than those from years past.

So what’s actually different in this version? Here are a few of the highlights.

Data-at-rest encryption

In VMware vSAN 6.6, data-at-rest encryption is built right in. That means it is able to easily encrypt all objects on a vSAN cluster regardless of your hardware or use of specialized Self-Encrypting Drives. Essentially, this means you’re able to keep your data more secure no matter what devices you use.

ESXi Host Client

With vSAN 6.6, you can now access the vSAN control plane through the ESXi Host Client. So when the vCenter Server is offline, you can still manage and monitor your information. For those who want to work offline or who need to be able to access vSAN even when technical issues or errors prevent accessing the online version, this new feature could be a major upgrade.

Intelligent rebuilds

Earlier versions of VMware vSAN already included rebuilds made to ensure that self-healing mechanisms have minimal interference with primary workloads. In this latest update, the rebuilds are even more intelligent, which means even less interference and less overhead needed for repair actions.

The update also includes a few other features like degraded device handling, capacity and policy pre-checks, and cloud-friendly networking with Unicast. Overall, this seems to be one of the bigger updates we’ve seen from VMware in recent years. So if you haven’t checked out vSAN 6.6 yet, you might be in for a whole new range of features.

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