VMworld 2014 – First Day

I arrived in San Francisco today after a lot of traveling hassle due to weather in Chicago. After settling in my hotel room and unpacking I headed on over to the vBrownBag Opening Acts at City View at the Metreon. There was a fairly impressive crowd there, especially for the first time this event was put on. Essentially there were several panels with both experts and a moderator discussing various topics such as automation, storage, social media, and cloud. I had the pleasure of being a moderator on the automation and orchestration panel with experts Luk Dekens, Mike Foley, Alan Renouf, Josh Atwell and Emad Younis. We had several great questions from the audience as well. From the sounds of it, the other panels were getting great responses as well. I’m hoping vBrownBag decides to do it again next year! 

Right after my panel session I headed to v0dgeball. If you’ve never heard of v0dgeball it is just dodgeball with a v. But, it’s for a great cause, Wounded Warriars, and we ended up raising several thousand dollars. My team, the Cloud Bunnies, advanced to the second round but lost in single elimination. Get a team together or join a team next year if you can! Or at least come and watch…it’s pretty intense.

The real sessions and keynotes start tomorrow so stay tuned! For more VMworld information check out this link.

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